Characterizing Internal Corrosion

Ultrasound and Phased Array Ultrasound

Ultrasound and Phased Array Ultrasound

Acquiring Corrosion Data

We quantify internal corrosion using ultrasound (UT) and Phased Array Ultrasound (PAUT). While both technologies can reveal remaining wall thickness, PAUT probes are designed with the difficulties of corrosion monitoring in mind. Near-to-surface resolution has been increased in order to detect such defects as pitting and cracking, and can cover a large area quickly.

When PAUT is used along with a scanner, Global Integrity & Specialty Services (GISS) can assure 100% coverage of the part and show exactly where wall thinning is occurring. Thickness and location data are processed through specialized software to characterize defects, both internal and external. This data can also be correlated to ILI results.

This image is of PAUT scanning following an indication found via Guided Wave Testing.

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