Guided Wave Testing

Insulated Pipe Inspection

The Long Range Guided Wave Ultrasonic Technique now called Guided Wave Testing (GWT) was designed to inspect 100% of a pipe segment from one single location.

How it Works:

To explain how it works as torsional or longitudinal guided waves are induced into the pipe body and propagated along the pipe segment being inspected. When these guided waves identify an anomaly or pipe feature, the waves convert into laminar waves and reflect back to the GWT Tool’s original location. We use a laptop computer to digitally capture the results. The time-of-flight for each signature is calculated to determine it's distance from the tool. The cross sectional area is calculated by amplitude and then the circumferential extent determined by the focused to determine the significance of the defect.

The primary application is within the Oil and Gas Refining, Petrochemical, Storage, Offshore and Pipeline Transportation industries.


GISS personnel performing guided wave inspections are internationally certified and are considered to be the most experienced inspectors in the industry, additionally we provide hi-temperature inspection solutions for applications of up to 350°C (662°F).

GWT is used to inspect difficult to access tubular and piping system such as:
  • Insulated Pipe in Refineries
  • Offshore Pipeline Risers
  • Cased Road or Railway Crossings
  • Loading Lines and associated Pipe work
  • Tank Dyke Pipeline Crossings
  • Above Ground or Buried Flow Lines
  • River or Bridge Pipeline Crossings
  • As part of ECDA & ICDA Methodologies
Guided Wave Testing - GUL WaveMaker G4

GUL WaveMaker G4

Guided Wave Testing - Teletest Mach 4

Teletest Mach 4

Long Range Guided Wave - Anomaly Located in Buried Compressor Station Piping

Anomaly Located in Buried Compressor Station Piping

GWT - Focal Response - Constant Area

Focal Response = Constant Area

Focal Response - Constant Angle

Focal Response - Constant Angle

Teletest Mach4 Focusing Interpretation Diagram

Teletest Mach4 Focusing Interpretation Diagram

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