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API 653 Storage Tank Inspection Services

Tank Inspection - Silverwing

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A unique technique for inspecting and cleaning the floors of an Above Ground Storage Tank's (AST) emerged in the late 90's based on In-Service Robotic Technology. The technology has come a long way since then, with new inspection and tank cleaning capabilities, greater operational efficiency and a much broader user base. The number of tanks inspected using In-Service Robotics has now exceeded the 700 mark. Industry now has an alternative to determining the minimum floor thickness of tanks in order to determine the next optimum time for an Out-of-Service Inspection. This can be accomplished without taking the tank out of service!

Compliant with API Std 653 (Ref 1) guidelines for determining tank floor corrosion rates, and when combined with an API 653 tank external survey, FTI, a multinational based full service inspection firm, is applying this method providing the tank owner with a comprehensive picture of the AST's condition without taking it out of service and the ability to remove sludge at the same time. Although there is a population of tanks that require Out-of-Service inspections because of the tank's condition, age and inspection history, there is a growing population of tanks that will benefit from the introduction of this technology.

Our Commitment

GISS strives to provide the best QUALITY tank inspection services:

  • Utilizing the latest technologies in tank inspection, Global Integrity provides the Silverwing 3D tank floor scanner and the Tripod tank crawler with video capabilities.
  • We are able to obtain all the data required by you the client, to evaluate and make sound integrity decisions.
  • Global Integrity provides a detailed field report before we leave site and a final copy within 10 working days.
  • Our qualified staff has over 30 years of combined experience which allows us to be one phone call away from the right answer.
  • We pride ourselves on being a company that builds from within. Training and continuous upgrading are key factors to our future growth and success.
  • Our dedicated crew demonstrates a true passion for tanks with a work ethic second to none.
  • Specializing in tanks is our business.

API 653 Inspection Services

  • Comprehensive and thorough external and internal visual inspection
  • Floor remaining life and corrosion rate calculations API 653 Section 4.4
  • Shell Tmin calculations API 653 Section 4.3
  • Critical length calculations API 653 4.3.2 for localized isolated pitting
  • Shell Deformation evaluations
  • Roof and Floating roof evaluations
  • API 650 APPENDIX F Evaluations and Calculations (small internal pressure)
  • API 650 APPENDIX M Evaluations and Calculations for tanks operating at elevated temperatures
  • API 653 ANNEX B Settlement evaluations
  • API 653 ANNEX H Similar Service Assessments
  • Vacuum Box Testing / Repad Test / Diesel Test
  • Shell and Roof Evaluation
  • Tank Repair Quality Assurance
  • Laser Scanning
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