Health and Safety

We recognize responsibilities for Health and Safety!

Company Safety Policy

All employees will commit to systematically eliminate any unsafe acts and report any unsafe conditions. We at GISS believe in family, you the workers are part of the GISS family. As a family, we look after one another. No one is less important than the next person.

Every employee has the right to speak up if there is a problem, remember a safety program is only as good as those who participate in it. Under the OH&S regulation, you are obligated to speak up, to stop unhealthy acts and conditions. The Management of GISS encourages our workers to let us know about the good as well as the bad so that we can make work here at GISS feel like a home not just work. The objective of our safety program and company culture is to have zero injuries and illnesses occur in our operations or as a direct result of our operations while ensuring we are protecting the environment.

We realize that the responsibilities for health and safety are shared:

  • Providing mechanical and physical safeguards to the maximum extent possible;
  • Conducting a program of health and safety inspections to find and eliminate unsafe working conditions and practices, to control health hazard, and to comply fully with the safety and health standards;
  • Training all employees in good health and safety practices in the work they do;
  • Getting workers involved in the writing of procedures and practices so they have a sense of ownership in the health and safety program;
  • Following these rules will be an integral part of employment;
  • Investigation of every incident and or accident in a prompt and timely manner to find out the root cause(s) as to correct the problem so that it does not happen again.

At Global Integrity Specialty Services, we recognize responsibilities for health and safety are shared as well:

  • We the employer accept the responsibility for leadership so the health and safety program. For providing safeguards are effective and improved as required to ensure safe work conditions.
  • Supervisors and managers are responsible for developing proper attitudes toward health and safety in themselves and those employees they supervise. To ensure that all operations are carried out with the health and safety of all involved.

Employees are responsible for their genuine cooperation in all aspects of the safety and health program. Including compliance with all regulations, rules, and continually practicing safety while performing their duties.

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